The Unstoppable Marcus Hiles

The Estates 3Eighty project is a defining piece of 21st century architecture. Unlike the dreary, drab and uninspiring housing complexes of times past, these projects bring all the comfort, excitement and convenience of urban living to areas of outstanding beauty and economic potential. As you would expect from a Marcus Hile house, the design of the complex is chic, elegant and gives an air of luxury living, while at the same time showcasing the rugged and beautiful scenery for which this part of Texas is quite rightly famous.

The facilities of a complex like The Estates 3Eighty may, on the face of it, appear to give a sense of exclusion and a lack of desire to integrate into the wider community. True, the security arrangements ensure the property is accessed only by residents, but there are cafes, gyms, activity centres, a social clubroom and a mail room to name but a few of the numerous facilities on offer. Moreover, Marcus Hiles projects such as this have expressed a commitment to integrate with the wider community, and give further indication that Dallas businessman, Marcus Hiles, is unstoppable.

The rapidly changing demographic of American cityscapes has recently been exercising the minds of some of the world’s leading social housing architects. As more companies and businesses relocate from the costs and expenses of the big city, there is currently an increasing need to accommodate and attract professionals – who have often grown up in a city, to the locations where they would now prefer to work and live. One such example is the little-known town of Little Elm, Texas. The car manufacturing giants, Toyota, recently opened their headquarters here, and it is no surprise that the area is witnessing an exciting flurry of regeneration. One such example of this drive to draw the talents of city slickers to the country is The Estates 3Eighty project on the banks of the  Lewisville Lake.

While many residents will find solace and comfort in having these amenities on hand in their complex, the wider economic benefits of drawing professionals from young graduates to families are very apparent. Not only will these residents fill current job openings  of companies already residing in the area, but their presence is likely to attract other businesses to open in the catchment area. For more on the master-mind behind these stunning developments, please see ‘Marcus Hiles: The Face Behind Western Rim Properties,’ on

Marcus Hiles, Real Estate Innovator

What Western Rim Property Services – under its innovative and fore-sighted CEO, Marcus Hiles – seeks to offer all its residents is all the luxuries and benefits of living in a modern urban environment. The company attains this objective by offering almost hotel-like facilities, whilst keeping the coziness and privacy of your own home. These residential communities look set to continue to flourish in the coming years because of the great sense of community encouraged by the developers, and may even see their popularity grow outside of the US in the near future.

Indeed, the concept of living in residential communities is becoming an increasingly popular life-style choice for many professional Americans. And one property developer who has perhaps done more than any other to promote the advantages of community living is the Texan company, Western Rim Property Services. Western Rim and Marcus Hiles – Real Estate has forged a reputation for constructing superbly fitted and designed modern apartments in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Its vision and enthusiasm for both the environment and the community is second to none, and this has had a very real impact on its continuing growth and expansion.

So what are the benefits of living in a residential community. One aspect Western Rim CEO, Marcus Hiles, likes to emphasise is that they always create the facilities that they hope will encourage fraternity and community spirit amongst their residents. Every site is built with a social clubroom, which offers itself as a perfect venue for birthdays and celebrations of any type for any age, whilst also being a good place for adults to mingle in the evening. On certain nights it also provides a great social location to watch the sports games on the large television in the room.

The sites are also fitted with various wifi zones and also Starbucks cafes. Again they offer anther great place to meet other residents during the day or even work from your ‘home-office’. The activity centres and playgrounds for children are a great opportunity for the families in the residences to meet and entertain their children, along with the outdoor swimming pool which is great for all ages. All locations have a mail center, on demand concierge service and 24/7 maintenance service. A good way to find out more about these exceptional properties is to look at ‘NewPort Classic Homes’, by Marcus Hiles on